Today’s Surface Pro Gaming video focuses on the Battlefield 3 Multiplayer. Even though BF3 was released close to 2 years ago, its been one of the most requested games on the channel. I previously reviewed the Single Player Campaign, but that was not enough for this game; the requests kept on pouring in for how multiplayer fared on the Surface Pro.

The good news is that in about half of the Maps the game will be completely playable at 1280X768 (close to 720p). The bad news is that in certain parts of some maps the frame rate can drop to single digits, forcing you to stay away from parts of the map. Even on maps that BF3 plays great, the frame rate will vary significantly depending on what part of the map you’re in – while still staying at playable frame rates.

One curious note that I can not explain, is why this game played so great at this resolution, but played very bad on lower resolutions? You will actually see me play the game at multiple resolutions to illustrate this point. Without further adieu, let’s take a look at the video to see it plays good enough for you.

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