To keep the MMO theme going, let’s take a look at another popular Free to Play MMORPG and how it plays on the Surface Pro; that game is Rift. Even though this game is about a year and a half old, tons of people are playing it at any time, day or night.

On this video, I am playing Rift at 1280X768 with most of the settings on low. The game played great for the most part, constantly hitting high frames per second while exploring or fighting individual monsters, easily staying between 30-50 FPS. The game had an occasional framerate drop while fighting alongside other Players and closing Rifts which is one of the equivalent of raids in the Rift world. Rarely would we see any frame rates going south of 20, but it does happen every now and then. The good news is that these frame rate drops few and far between. As an example, I had only had one significant drop that lasted just a few seconds in over an hour and a half of gameplay. Long story short, Rift plays great on the Surface Pro.

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