UPDATE: We have given away all codes, which concludes our PAX code giveaway. In all, we gave out over 200 codes and beta invites! Thanks to all who participated.

We know that many of our readers and fans wish they could make it to PAX Prime along with us, so we’re doing the best we can to bring you a little piece of PAX to you – our readers. After the first few days at PAX we’ve managed to score a hefty bounty of codes and freebies that we want to share with you all. While we may not have enough to go around, we hope that how we give them away gives everyone a fair chance.

So, we are going to list several links to tweets below. If you would like a chance at scoring the item(s) mentioned in the tweet, simply re-tweet that tweet and follow @MSFanboys. We hope that 24 hours is ample enough time that our fans who are overseas or away from their computers have a shot at entering for the prizes they want.

You may re-tweet as many of the offers as you’d like, but please only re-tweet once per offer. After 24 hours we will randomly select the winners for each offer until we run out of keys. If you don’t receive a key, don’t sweat it. There are still two days left of PAX Prime and we’ll do our best to get more free stuff to give away! After PAX wraps we are also going to have a swag giveaway, where we will give away EVERY piece of swag and gear we scored while at PAX including t-shirts, pins and more.

Winners will be and announced at 10:00PM CST September 1st, 2013 and notified via Twitter Direct Message, so make sure you follow @MSFanboys.