10 Nov 2015

You Suck at Excel

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You suck at Excel. Those aren’t my words, but rather the words of software engineer and CEO extraordinaire, Joel Spolsky. Who is Joel Spolsky you ask? Well, he is a former Microsoft Excel team Program Manager who went on to found Fog Creek Software (developers of Trello) while also co-founding Stack Overflow.

I stumbled upon this video in the recent Reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything) session held by the Microsoft Excel Team last week. The 54 minute casual training session was presented internally to Stack Overflow, Trello and Fog Creek Software employees in September, but thankfully Joel also decided to share it with the masses via YouTube (course notes via Trello).

If you want to learn some cool tips and tricks for Microsoft Excel taught by a humorous and knowledgeable teacher, then take a lunch hour and watch the training session. You won’t regret it. After about an hour you’ll suck a little less at Excel, but you’ll likely still suck. Don’t worry, you’re not alone. If you don’t have Excel and would like to follow along, be sure to sign up for an Office 365 Trial.

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